Monday, January 09, 2006


MY NEW YEAR'S EVE(from Chrissa)

It is believed that our activities on the first day of the year will follow us for the rest of it and we will spend our time according to them.If it is true I will have a very amusing and exciting year.Just a few hours before the New Year's Eve I went out with my friends.We went to the centre of the city where parties were everywhere.Men and women,younger and older were in the streets,out of the cafeterias,and they were having fun.Firstly,we went in a bar which is called "Face Bar".Music sounded so loudly!It was full of people who were drinking and dancing continuously.They were cheerful and smiling.We danced all together and after some time we became a big party.Then we left from there and we went to another bar in which was playing greek music.The atmosphere was exactly the same as in the previous bar.All the people were drinking,dancing and laughting!!!It was one of my favourite and unforgetable New Year's Eve of my life.....

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