Sunday, December 11, 2005



When you are a doctor you have to do with people's health. So, sometimes you may have a dilemma and you must take the right decision. In the text "dilemma" there are three patients in a hospital in a little island. Who of them must make the operation? All the patients are very sick. If the little girl don't make the operation she will be paralysed from the waist down. Is better you are dead than you are alive and paralysed. She couldn't live her life like everyone else. Somethink about pregnant woman is that she is carring another life inside her but the possibilities for her to live are 50:50. Finaly the man has a heart contition and he is father of three children, nevertheless he has experiensed many thinks during his life. Apart from this we can't be sure that he will be dead or alive after the operation. Because of these Ithink that the person who must make the operation is the little girl.

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